Our farming practice allows our sheep to enjoy life.

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Our PIWS receive NO chemicals

Our PIWS receive NO chemicals, including treatments, injections or antibiotics in their lifetime and their tails are left as nature intended, wagging behind them. The Wyld lambs have never been in a farm yard and have never been handled by humans.

Wyld Lamb is hunted in the wild. This ensures no stress to the animal. The most ethical way of eating meat.

Domestic sheep have been selected for 100’s of years to grow fast and get fat quickly, a problem with this is that when food is abundant they put fat on in places that nature never intended fat to be accumulated.

As a consequence, domestic sheep have more fat on their back and bone relative to their meat, compared to wild sheep.

Wild sheep, being selected by nature, respond to abundance as nature intended and store extra fat around the kidneys where it can be utilised more easily when times are tougher.

Wyld Lambs have never been handled by humans

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Natural Selection

Wyld Lambs, being selected through nature and not through human or scientific intervention have minimal disease, are excellent mothers and have no genetic modification for increase in productivity.

This ensures their ability to evolve as nature intended, enjoying their life to the fullest and giving us healthy, balanced meat to consume.

Man selects only for his own good: Nature only for that of the being which she tends.
— Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species