Lamb Hunter: 'They have a good life, then bang'

Ewan Sargent,

Oct 29 2018

Lambs as young as four months old will be stalked and shot on a Banks Peninsula property leading up to Christmas.

These are wild sheep that have never been mustered, drafted or dosed.

The first time they will have anything to do with humans is when a bullet hits home.

Roger Beattie has a flock of about 1500 completely wild Pitt Island sheep on his Banks Peninsula property and admits the idea of lambs being hunted and shot might be uncomfortable for some people. But it doesn't worry him.

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Pitt Island Wild Sheep lead a wild life... and you can taste the difference

Pat Deavoll,

Oct 01 2018

Grown sustainably and ethically without chemicals in a wild environment, the sheep are then served up in some of the best restaurants in the country.

The lambs are shot, rather than go through the stress of a muster, and a trip to the freezing works which makes them all the tastier.

And with Pihepes there is no drenching, no dipping, no vaccinations, no penicillin.

"They have a very happy, wild, carefree life until bang, they are on the dinner table. There isn't a less stressful or more organic, ethical system for producing meat than that," Roger Beattie says.

The Pitt Island wild sheep piqued Roger Beattie's interest many years ago.

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Angela Low