'Sel de Mer'

Salted like the sea

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Wyld meat characteristics

Our Wyld Lamb is flavoured ‘Sel de Mer’ salted like the sea and is deliciously sweet with a moist texture. It’s fat, particularly the kidney fat has a lower melting point and is more segmented and more easily reabsorbed by the sheep when it needs the energy. As a consequence, there is very little waste fat when cooking and little if any need to trim the fat from the meat cuts.

Wyld Lamb has a high meat to bone ratio and a high meat to fat ratio. They are fine boned, lean, with the optimum amount of fat for the animal but not skinny.

These sheep produce meat as nature intended as they haven’t been selected by man for fast growth, large size.

They have been selected for what the sheep wants. The optimal size for agility, fat cover that is stored in the meat and around the kidneys for use in tough conditions but not so much it impairs their ability to escape danger or reach for the most nutritious food that often is out on a limb.

These sheep are browsers not grazers, they pick a bit here and a bit there, sniffing every bit of potential food before they eat it and that ability to detect what is good and bad food has not been bred out of them by intensive domestication of sheep.


Meltingly tender, big flavour, velvety texture.


Thriving on perennial grasses, herbs and shrubs unique to Banks Peninsula

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Wyld Lamb Rack

Darren Wright - Chillingworth Road

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