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Hunt just completed - lamb available now

Our Wyld Lambs are available. Subtle in flavour, tender in texture.  Contact us now to place an order.


Our Wyld Lambs run free over the coastal cliffs, gullies and ridges on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand. Originating from Pitt Island, Chatham Islands, these Saxony Merinos are agile and graceful, with a natural ability to survive. Thriving on perennial grasses, herbs and shrubs, they enjoy life in the wild!

They receive NO chemical treatments in their lifetime and their tails are left as nature intended, wagging behind them. Untouched by humans, Wyld Lamb is hunted in the wild. This ensures no stress to the animal. The most ethical way of eating meat!

Wyld Lamb; distinctive flavour, uniquely healthy.

Enjoy this Naturally Selected meat!


'Sel De Mer'

Salted like the sea

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Wyld Lamb

Shot in the wild

No Stress to the animal

the most ethical way of eating meat

Our Wyld Lambs are naturally selected in a wild environment and using an MPI registered hunting licence, shot in the wild and delivered to a Primary Processor for processing.

We appreciate the whole story and the whole animal.

This is a seasonal process and we offer this service 3 times per year.

Christmas Spring Lamb


Easter Lamb


Winter Feast Lamb

-- June/July/August--

Wyld Lamb Process